Preparing for University - Year 10 Guide

Monash University's guide to entry in 2020

Making the transition to university is an exciting time! It is a great time to explore different careers and what courses will get you there.

To get into a university course, you’ll need to have studied certain subjects in years 11 and 12. You’ll probably be asking yourself questions like:

  • “Will I make the right decision?”
  • “What if I change my mind?”
  • “What do I need to do now?”
  • “What can wait until another time - when things are clearer?”

While this can seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be. It is important to remember you don’t need to choose your exact course now – but if you have an idea about the area you want to study, you can look up courses offered in that area and find out the prerequisite subjects. The main aim is to not exclude yourself from a course because you don’t have the right year 12 subjects. So make sure you get your ducks in a row so in two years time your options are wide open.

So, how do you prepare yourself for the university?

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