Achievement Relative to Opportunity

In accordance with the University’s commitment to social justice and inclusion and in recognition of the growing diversity within our talented workforce, Monash incorporates the principle of ‘assessing achievement relative to opportunity’ within all employment-related policies and processes. We recognise that our staff experience a range of professional, personal and other circumstances.

What is Achievement Relative to Opportunity?

Achievement(s) relative to opportunity is the framework that supports a fair and equitable assessment of career progression and achievements over a period of time given the opportunities available to staff.

This framework assists to ensure that the overall quality and impact of achievements is given more weight than the quantity, rate or breadth of particular achievements relative to their personal, professional and other circumstances.  More specifically, this provides for the appropriate evaluation of achievements in relation to:

  • the quantum or rate of productivity,
  • the opportunity to participate in certain types of activities, and
  • the consistency of activities or output over the period of consideration.

Achievement relative to opportunity is a positive acknowledgement of what a staff member can and has achieved given the opportunities available to them and results in a more calibrated assessment of their performance. It is not about providing “special consideration” or expecting lesser standards of performance.

In response to COVID19 the education, research and engagement contributions of many academic staff have been affected. The University is committed to appropriately recognising the extra contributions to teaching in 2020 and 2021 because of COVID19 and Faculties will work to ensure this is achieved through considering the affects of COVID-19 relative to opportunity. In addition, the research contributions of some staff have been profoundly affected by COVID19. The University will ensure COVID19 related impacts, relative to opportunity, will be understood and recognised for the purposes of academic advancement, probation and performance.