$1.5m for interdisciplinary researchers in AI, data and sustainability

Human hand holding robot hand

Our researchers will share $1.5 million in interdisciplinary (IDR) grants to help tackle significant social and scientific challenges across our strategic research focus areas.

The funding is supported by the Monash Data Futures Institute and the Monash Sustainable Development Institute, and furthers interdisciplinary research across AI and data science, sustainable development, and other priority areas in health science and better governance and policy.

A total of 14 grants – six major and eight seed funding –  will support research delivering to make positive social and environmental change.

The six major IDR funding grants and their leaders are:

  • Associate Professor Asher Flynn: Disrupting and preventing deepfakes: responding to AI-facilitated abuse (Arts, IT, Law)
  • Associate Professor Jiangning Song: Integrating AI, big data and smart drug design against superbugs (MNS, IT, PPS)
  • Professor Rob Raven: Advanced monitoring of the SDGs using AI and data technologies (MSDI, IT, Arts)
  • Dr Paul Satur: Data science pathways for sustainable livelihoods in remote Indigenous Australia (MSDI, MADA, Science, Engineering).
  • Professor Melodie McGeoch: AI, machine learning and predicting species responses to global change (Science, IT)
  • Dr Aldeida Aleti: Machine learning for predicting hospital-acquired complications from electronic medical records (IT, MNHS)

The IDR seed funding grants and their leaders are:

  • Dr Jessica Walsh: Combining rapid evidence synthesis and expertise for threatened ecosystem recovery (Science, MSDI)
  • Professor Neil Selwyn: Australian public attitudes toward AI, data science and society (Education, Arts, Law)
  • Associate Professor Shanti Sumartojo: Understanding robots in public space: interdisciplinary insights for public policy (MADA, Engineering, IT, Arts)
  • Professor Alan Petersen: AI for older Australians in aged-care facilities; challenges and opportunities (Arts, IT, MNHS)
  • Associate Professor Simon Angus: Towards SDG 4: transferring Forum Brain's success to health sciences and beyond (BusEco, MNHS)
  • Dr Sarah Goodwin: Net zero precincts: citizen data commons and technological sovereignty (IT, MSDI, MADA)
  • Dr Michael Ure: Anger: from anti-social to pro-social (Arts, IT, MSDI)
  • Dr Klaus Ackermann: Predicting flood risk: the case of the Citarum River, Indonesia (BusEco, Engineering, MSDI, MADA)

Senior Vice-Provost (Research) Professor Rebekah Brown led the program.

“Congratulations to all of our successful researchers – it was an incredibly strong field with more than 80 applicants, and I’d like to thank everyone who took part,” Professor Brown said.