Australia-wide cinematic release of The Endangered Generation? set to launch in Melbourne

The Endangered Generation? is set for its Australia-wide cinematic release, starting with a special screening at Cinema Nova in Melbourne on 4 June.

Produced by Sweetshop & Green and narrated by renowned actress and producer, Laura Dern, this thought-provoking feature documentary offers eye-opening insights into the game changing research conducted by Monash University's world-leading academics.

With a focus on critical global issues – including climate change, inequality, food security and species extinction – The Endangered Generation? shows how Monash academics are leading the way in discovering innovative solutions to our planet's most pressing challenges.

“Monash University is proud to support this documentary, which brings together people from around the world to educate and inspire action,” said ​Monash University President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Margaret Gardner AC.

“The grand challenges of our age – climate change, geopolitical security and thriving communities – extend across nations. Our research seeks to address these complex challenges by empowering communities to create real and lasting change. This documentary is about how we might better create a stable and permanent place on this planet for ourselves and for future generations.”

The documentary also highlights the efforts of artists, activists, and community leaders committed to shaping a better future. By highlighting the vision and determination of these global thought leaders alongside the expertise of academics, The Endangered Generation? provides an inspiring insight into what it takes to safeguard our planet and pave the way for generations to come.

The Endangered Generation? documentary forms part of Monash University’s ambition to lead change through research, education and collaboration with talented partners and international programs, to ensure the next generation and generations to come are able to thrive, with creative partner VMLY&R.

Secure your tickets for the premiere of The Endangered Generation? at Cinema Nova in Melbourne on 4 June, and explore further dates and locations on the documentary website.