Engineering students to GROW their soft skills

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Engineering students are given the chance to GROW with both hard and soft skills.

With engineering, students are expected to acquire  technical knowledge and hard skills, which are then applied in building and testing projects. But engineering students at Monash get a good balance of soft skills too.

A new program called GROW has been launched in the Faculty of Engineering this year and is available to all engineering students.

“GROW is not an acronym – it simply means ‘grow and develop as an individual’ and therefore become a better engineer,” explained Professor Gary Codner, Associate Dean (Projects).

“Industry constantly tells us that today’s graduates need better soft skills related to self-awareness, emotional intelligence, teamwork, leadership, innovation and communication, among others.”

To launch the program, a Universal Hierarchy of Motivation (UHM) Self-awareness and Performance Workshop will be held on Friday, 26 July.

“This is an exciting opportunity for engineering students to develop and gain valuable insight and skills that are transferable to any workplace situation.  The UHM Workshop will be invaluable on their resume when applying for jobs and will open up discussion opportunities at interviews.  Basically, it will place our students ahead of the pack.”

Find out more about the Workshop. Registration closes on 13 June.