Majority vote for NTEU National Council approval of the Australian Universities Job Protection Framework

Monash University welcomes the NTEU National Council approval of the Australian Universities Job Protection Framework, which sets out measures to support universities and the jobs of their staff.

The overwhelming support for the agreement from the NTEU National Councillors is welcome recognition of the need for university management to work cooperatively with their staff and union to minimise the effects of the COVID-19 induced downturn in revenues on the overall employment and sustainability of Australian Universities.

Monash President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Margaret Gardner AC, said today’s approval of the temporary variation reflected the best efforts to save jobs across the sector and had mutual benefit for universities and their staff.

“These decisions have not been taken lightly; this was an extensive negotiation process for an agreement that will help us navigate this uncharted territory in our sector,” Professor Gardner said.

There are still a number of steps that have to be taken before universities can implement the framework, which will provide the very real and necessary relief needed to remain viable in the short-term and assist to move to sustainability in the long-term.

Monash hopes to be in a position to put the elements of the enterprise agreement variation necessary to protect jobs in their situation to a staff vote in a few weeks. If the vote of staff is positive, the outcome will then need to be approved by the Fair Work Commission.

“Monash would like to thank the NTEU and AHEIA for their support of this national negotiation process and I would like to particularly thank the members of the NTEU team and my fellow management negotiators for the cooperative way our joint goal of minimising staff losses was approached,” Professor Gardner said.

Monash staff will be able to vote on the proposed variation of the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement variation(s) in June if approved by the NTEU national and local Monash membership base.