Monash College statement regarding changes to ELICOS National Standards


Monash College is responding to misrepresentation via media outlets regarding additional assessment prior to admission to territory programs. 

One particular clause regarding assessment has been misrepresented in the media suggesting that students will now have to sit a new test before they can be admitted to tertiary programs. This is incorrect. 

There is NO requirement for further standardised testing under the new ELICOS National Standards 2018 released on the 12th of October 2017. 

The ELICOS National Standards 2018 make minor amendments to existing standards to ensure quality is upheld in the future. These changes have no impact on Monash College, as our existing programs exceed the new requirements. 

Monash College adheres to all ELICOS regulation, which contains some of the strongest quality controls globally. This has been further verified through external validation of our assessment. 

The revised Standards do not alter the existing visa requirements to study in Australia, or to pathway and packaging arrangements to further study. 

It is critical that potential students understand these changes do not make it harder to study in Australia, at Monash College and Monash University.