Monash leads the way with public transport research

Public Transport Research Group

Gary Liddle, CEO of PTV, Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan and Professor Graham Currie. Photo: Eric Brotchie

The establishment of a new research group was announced yesterday, which will see Public Transport Victoria partner with Monash University to undertake advanced research and generate innovative solutions to the transport challenges faced by Victoria, now and into the future.

Known as the Public Transport Research Group (PTRG), the group will be jointly funded by Public Transport Victoria (PTV) and Monash University, with contributions from Metro Trains, Yarra Trams, VicRoads and the bus industry.

Under the guidance of Professor Graham Currie, one of the world’s leading experts in public transportation, the PTRG will become a powerhouse of transport knowledge. Based at Monash University’s Clayton campus, the interdisciplinary group will work on a wide range of projects, addressing opportunities to improve public transport in Victoria. With contributions from over 50 researchers, including three high-calibre international researchers and many Monash University academics, the PTRG will be well equipped to take on strategic studies and operational issues, from the perspective of both public transport users, providers and the wider community.   

According to Professor Currie, "This initiative cements Monash University’s reputation as a world-leading, research intensive university in the field of public transport. The research we will undertake will have significant impacts for our community, both in terms of improving the infrastructure we already have and developing solutions for the future. As Melbourne continues to grow, applied research of this type can progressively address the challenges and opportunities presented by all facets of our transportation network".

Working alongside the professional PTRG researchers, a significant number of graduate student researchers will also contribute to the project. PTRG is offering 18 PhD scholarships as part of the Sustainable and Effective Public Transport Graduate Research Interdisciplinary Program, or SEPT-GRIP. SEPT-GRIP is the world’s largest cluster of PhD students in the field of public transport research, with candidates drawn from a range of disciplines, including Engineering, Information Technology, Art and Design, Accident Research, Science and Health.

Yesterday’s PTRG launch was attended by the Victorian Minister for Public Transport, Jacinta Allan, along with President and Vice Chancellor of Monash University Margaret Gardner AO, and Gary Liddle, CEO of PTV.

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