Monash University commercialisation agreement with UK-listed IP Group


New Horizons research centre

Monash University has entered an agreement with leading intellectual property commercialisation company IP Group plc (LSE : IPO) to secure additional investment which will drive the commercialisation of Monash’s ground-breaking scientific and technical research.

Monash has been working with the other Group of Eight Universities and the University of Auckland, which are each individually partnering with IP Group, to demonstrate that there is significant investment quality deal flow in Australasia. Under the agreement the university partners can secure a minimum of AUD$200m over 10 years to help spin out new companies.

IP Group works with major universities in the UK and USA and its portfolio comprises holdings in approximately 100 early-stage to mature businesses across four main sectors -- Biotech, Cleantech, Healthcare and Technology.

The agreement adds to the university’s rapidly increasing investment program, exemplified by the Monash University and University of Melbourne Joint venture, BioCurate, the Monash Research Impact Fund, and other industry engagements.

Monash University Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Enterprise), Mr Ken Sloan, said the discussions with IP Group commenced over 18 months ago and have resulted now in access to additional investment capital as well as significant in-kind support for early stage investee companies.

“IP Group has an established record in the UK and North America in taking a long view of investment opportunities. Unlike asset-centric investment which is dependent on generating short to medium term ROI to create further deal flow, investment secured through the IP Group agreement encourage the building of businesses for the long term in Australia, beyond initial pre-seed and seed investment.”

“The agreement emphasises that Monash is an increasingly attractive investment option for international capital seeking sustainable returns beyond short term economic cycles. The agreement is a significant addition to the growing suite of investment options Monash has secured to date” Mr Sloan said.