Monash University in largest ever commercialisation deal with China

In the largest commercialisation partnership negotiated between an Australian university and China, a new centre for research and development, the Monash Technology Transformation Institute (MTTI), will be established in the Pingshan District of Shenzhen, China.

The MTTI partnership further establishes Monash University as a significant global player in the translation and commercialisation of medicines, medical devices, materials and engineering inventions including electronics and software developed by its researchers. 

MTTI is specifically designed to address the “Valley of Death” – the gaps currently limiting the effective translation of research to commercialisation partners globally.

This deal is unique in bringing together Australian university, Chinese government and commercialisation partners in an institute dedicated to R&D to bring IP to the investible stage.

It will combine the expertise of all partners to develop projects and create products, for markets in China and around the world that have the potential to change millions of lives.

As China moves towards a value-added innovation economy, theirs is the largest emerging pharmaceutical market – worth over US 137 billion in 2018 and accelerating towards US 140-170 billion by 2023 according to health-care information company IQVIA.

The global market for medical devices is similarly impressive, growing at a CAGR of 4.5% and expected to reach over US 400 billion by 2023 according to Lucintel.

MTTI will drive new products to market in these and other sectors – including advanced technologies and bio-pharmaceuticals, that will help improve human and animal health and wellbeing, and will meet the growing demand for advanced technologies in medical practice and medical devices in China and around the world.

Monash University will provide IP that the MTTI will incubate and commercialise for shared commercial returns.

The five parties in the MTTI agreement are;

  • Monash University
  • The Shenzhen National Development and Reform Commission through the Shenzhen High-Tech Industry Innovation Centre
  • The Pingshan District People's Government
  • Shenzhen Junye Yungu Investment Development Co. Ltd (Yungu Investment - subsidiary of Tianan Junye)

    Yungu Investment has been established by Tianan Junye to partner in the MTTI initiative, given their vision for MTTI to be part of a smart city with biotech and medicine industry in Pingshan.

    Tianan Junye was established in 2010 to participate in urban renewal, development and operation of production communities and industrial investment services. It is committed to serving the growth of enterprises and promoting economic development, emphasising technological innovation and business, culture and regional economy.
  • Changjun Capital Investment Management (Shenzhen) Company Limited (Changjun Capital)

    Changjun Capital is a professional venture capital institution established in Shenzhen Qianhai in 2016 by a senior team with rich experience in industrial management and domestic and foreign investment.

    The company focuses on biomedicine, new energy, advanced manufacturing technology and other fields, and are committed to exploring breakthrough advanced technologies at home and abroad and connecting them with Shenzhen's advantageous resources to promote industrial development. Their goal is to make positive contributions to the development of biomedical research and innovation, the introduction of high-end scientific and technological talents, and the vigorous economic development of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau.