Monash University statement on English language proficiency

Monash University is concerned about the accuracy of a report by The Australian into the outcomes of the 2020 compliance report issued by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA).

The Australian states: “The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency said in its 2020 Compliance Report that 10 of 40 universities had enrolled high numbers of international students whose level of English language proficiency was not recorded in enough detail to be audited by the regulator.”  TEQSA did not name the 10 universities in its report, but stated that six had been named in media reporting on international student English language standards. However, The Australian stated: “Universities to come under the media spotlight for admitting international students with insufficient English include Murdoch University, Monash University and the University of Tasmania.”

The implication from this reporting could be that Monash University is one of 10 Universities claimed by the regulator to have “English language proficiency level not recorded in enough detail to be audited by the regulator”.

Such an implication is unfounded.  During the period covered by the TEQSA 2020 compliance report, Monash University has not been advised by TEQSA of compliance issues regarding its English language standards or English language admission requirements.  Additionally, and since the beginning of 2020, TEQSA has not raised any concern regarding the level of detail Monash University holds in its student records regarding the English language proficiency of its student cohort.

Monash University maintains rigorous English language admission standards for all of its student cohorts. The University annually benchmarks the performance of students to ensure its admissions requirements and standards are appropriate, including those for English language. Analysis of this benchmarking is reported to the University’s Academic Board, via its subcommittees, as part of the University’s regular quality assurance processes.  In 2020, TEQSA renewed Monash University’s registration for a full seven years with no conditions.