Monash University’s Railway Research Institute to install latest condition monitoring technologies onto Hong Kong’s MTR network


Monash University’s Institute of Railway Technology is strengthening its international collaboration with the Hong Kong MTR Corporation, to install the latest and most advanced condition monitoring technologies onto Hong Kong’s mass transit passenger train network, supporting 5.4 million passengers every week.

The state-of-the art monitoring systems developed by Monash University have been successfully implemented around the world on heavy haul rail.  

Condition monitoring in real time as trains operate their normal daily routes, creates greater efficiencies in railway performance, safety, passenger comfort and experience. Active condition monitoring also extends the life of rail infrastructure.

Monash’s Institute of Railway Technology is regarded as the leading track and vehicle research centre in Australia developing technological innovation to the rail sector globally.

As the major shareholder of Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM), Sydney’s Metro North West (SMNW), and several major railways in mainland China, the Hong Kong MTR Corporation has a leading reputation for safety, reliability, customer service and cost efficiency.

Monash University Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Enterprise) Mr Ken Sloan said:
“The Institute of Railway Technology is recognised worldwide for its standards of excellence in railway research and innovation. The new collaboration with HK MTR Corporation is a further demonstration of the Institute’s ability to translate that expertise into real impact and benefit for its international partners.”

The Director of the Institute of Railway Technology, Mr Ravi Ravitharan said: “I am extremely pleased to be invited to partner on this significant project with the HK MTR Corporation, which will see IRT’s cutting-edge technologies used to monitor track conditions and rolling stock performance, employed on standard passenger carriages during normal daily operations.  Our long-standing partnership with the HK MTR Corporation, spanning over three decades, is further strengthened by this new project announcement.”