Monash welcomes Huntingdale bus interchange announcement


Monash University welcomes Labor’s announcement that they will build the Huntingdale bus interchange.

The plan, announced today by Leader of the Opposition Daniel Andrews, will ensure a fully integrated train, bus, car, taxi and bicycle travel experience for Monash University commuters.

Monash University’s Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Margaret Gardner AO said the new interchange will significantly improve the commuter experience for students and staff travelling to the Clayton campus. 

“Huntingdale station serves as a critical gateway for the thousands of staff, students and visitors who access the University and the Monash Employment Cluster every day.  The plan will address a number of current issues for commuters including safety, accessibility and lack of weather protection,” Professor Gardner said.

“With a 58 per cent increase in passenger numbers on the 601 bus service to the Clayton campus in the last two years, the existing facilities are already at capacity and the new development is imperative to keep pace with the expected growth in student numbers in coming years.”

The Huntingdale bus interchange will improve connections to the bus interchange at the University's Clayton campus which is the fourth busiest in Victoria, with approximately 16,000 passengers transitioning through it daily.

Vice-Chancellor Gardner said Monash has advocated strongly for the Huntingdale bus interchange.  Affordable and efficient public transport must be a priority for students, staff and visitors. The new facilities and full integration of trains, buses, bikes, taxis and cars will improve the commuting experience and make public transport a viable option for more people.