Monument Park brings old life to Docklands

Monument Park by Professor Callum Morton

Monument Park by Professor Callum Morton

Drawing the Docklands into the idea of the Melbourne CBD is all part of a new project, Monument Park. 

Situated in an area of intense development in Melbourne, Monument Park is a collaborative project that integrates sculptural, architectural and landscape elements into a cohesive interactive social space.

Professor Callum Morton, Head of the Department of Fine Art at Monash University Art Design and Architecture (MADA) used the original Hoddle Plan of Melbourne as a pattern for a concrete carpet that is laid across the site and rises and falls over a range of forms that appear both figurative and abstract.

“The forms are actually taken from seven iconic Melbourne statues that were scanned using a 3D scanner, draped with fabric in the computer and then fabricated utilising CNC router technology both to make the moulds and to cut the glass reinforced concrete,” Professor Morton said.

Each statue is based on a significant City of Melbourne monument, such as Vault, Burke and Wills and the Marquis of Linlithgow.

Monument Park contributes to knowledge about new forms of digital and experimental arts by synthesizing expanded studio research with pioneering advances in digital computing, engineering, and landscape architecture.

Professor Morton said the aim of the project was to demonstrate in a playful and interactive way the Docklands is an extension of the CBD.

“The monuments have been opened up in sections to reveal new colourful worlds for sheltering in, exploring, playing amongst and enjoying,” Professor Morton said.

“We have seen that people have started using the space, even during the launch of the project, as their social space.”

The project was funded by MAB Corporation and included project partners City of Melbourne and Places Victoria. Collaborators included landscape architecture studio Oculus and architects McBride Charles Ryan.