New York exhibition for MADA artist

Counting One to FourL Nature morte, seven-minute vieo (still detail), Image credit Debbie Symons.

A still from Counting One to Four: Nature morte. Image credit: Debbie Symons.

Dr Debbie Symons of the Faculty of Art Design and Architecture is the featured artist at the New York launch of a new exhibition series.

'A View from the Cloud', held at “The Gateway to the United Nations”, the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, will feature works from international artists and designers, and is co-produced by World Council of Peoples for the United Nations and Streaming Museum.

For the inaugural event, not-for-profit organisation Climarte has been invited to participate and curate. They have selected an impressive large-scale digital work by Dr Symons, titled Counting One to Four: Nature morte.

Counting One to Four visualises the predicted consequences of the warming atmosphere on the Earth’s biodiversity in a seven-minute high-definition looping video. It moves beyond a simplistic representation of ‘damaged nature’ to a multifaceted analysis of cause and effect with projections of up to 52 per cent of all terrestrial mammals, reptiles, marine species, amphibians and insects committed to extinction by 2100.

It also visually references the 20 Earth Summits that have occurred across the globe by date and location.

Dr Symons recently completed her PhD, Anthropocentrism, Endangered Species and the Environmental Dilemma, at Monash with the assistance of an Australian Postgraduate Scholarship.

Her work uses environmental data to investigate and interrogate the links between environmental degradation and free market capitalism, exploring mankind’s ecological conundrum. Her work is motivated by her personal belief that human societies need to reassess our interactions with the environment or stand to loose irreplaceable species.

Using the visual language of universal media, including maps, graphs, stock market boards and airport boards, she aims to clarify the direct impact humans are having on the environment and endangered species

Dr Symons’ works have been shown internationally through the International Urban Screen Association and nationally.

She was awarded the Emerging Artist New Work grant from the Australia Council for the Arts in 2009. In 2014, she was awarded the [MARS] Gallery Exhibition Prize in the inaugural Linden Art Prize and in 2015, Symons’ was awarded the inaugural grant and residency at Creative Spaces: Carlton Connect Studio,  LAB-14, Carlton. Recently, she was funded by the City of Melbourne for CLIMARTE’s Festival: Art + Climate = Change 2015.

View more of Dr Symons' work at her website, and find out more about the exhibition at the Climarte website.