Passenger railway safety in Australia and Asia gets a boost following substantial grant

Leading railway research centre, Monash University’s Institute of Railway Technology (IRT), has won a significant grant to improve railway safety and efficiency in Australia and Asia.  

IRT has been awarded an Australia China Council Grant to advance safer passenger railway operations in Australia and China, including Hong Kong.

In collaboration with Hong Kong’s MTR Corporation, IRT will deliver workshops on Safer Railways Using Innovative In-service Monitoring Technologies for Passenger Networks.

Monash’s IRT is regarded as the leading track and vehicle research centre in Australia.

Hong Kong’s MTR Corporation has a global reputation for safety, reliability, customer service and cost efficiency and is a major shareholder of Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM), Sydney’s Metro North West (SMNW) and several major railways in mainland China.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Enterprise) Mr Ken Sloan said this latest Monash collaboration was a true example of industry partnerships and innovation.

"Our Institute of Railway Technology is leading the world in global collaboration and industry engagement to deliver practical and tangible outcomes for the transport sector and all who rely on it.

“This new funding provides valuable and strategic financial support to enable the benefits of IRT research to be effectively implemented," Mr Sloan said.

"The collaboration further strengthens our ongoing relationship with China in many areas of both research and education and further highlights Monash's increasing global impact."

As Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Enterprise), Mr Sloan is responsible for providing University-wide leadership and strategic support for industry partnerships, commercialisation, industry engagement, innovation and student entrepreneurship to provide a focus for the University's achievement of the Enterprise goal, outlined in the strategic plan.

Director IRT Ravi Ravitharan said: “Our long-standing partnership with the HK MTR Corporation is further strengthened by this announcement. This grant will assist to expand and create new networks, bringing together counterparts in governments, industry and other institutions that are delivering and maintaining major rail infrastructure in both countries.”

"Safer Railways Using Innovative In-service Monitoring Technologies for Passenger Networks" is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-China Council of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade."