Praise for innovative learning space

Minister Peter Hall visits the S15 learning space

From L-R: Professor Adam Shoemaker, Professor Ed Byrne, The Honourable Peter Hall and Professor Gordon Sanson.

Victoria’s Minister for Higher Education and Skills, The Honourable Peter Hall, has praised Monash University for its leadership in using technology to assist learning.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Ed Byrne, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) Professor Adam Shoemaker and Professor Gordon Sanson, former director of the Monash eEducation Centre, showed Mr Hall one of the University’s most innovative classrooms during his visit to the Clayton campus last month.

Room S15, an experimental learning space, allows teachers, education researchers and students to explore different seating arrangements, lighting, colour and technology to improve student-teacher interaction.

Professor Sanson demonstrated S15’s features to Mr Hall, and discussed the outcomes of educational experiments conducted in the room, including the impact seating arrangements can have on student-teacher interaction.

Professor Sanson also showed Mr Hall the eEducation Centre’s award-winning collaborative learning software, MeTL. MeTL allows students to interact in class with the teacher and fellow students in unique ways, and to gain instant feedback on their work.

Mr Hall, also Minister Responsible for the Teaching Profession, and a former secondary school teacher, was impressed with both S15 and MeTL. He commented on MeTL's ability to help off-campus students be involved in the classroom experience.

“Monash University’s eEducation Centre shows what is possible for the future delivery of tertiary education,” Mr Hall said.

“This Centre is a credit to the University and its staff, in particular Professor Gordon Sanson.”

Mr Hall is a Monash alumnus, having graduated with a Diploma in Education from the University in 1973.      

For more information about S15, MeTL or the eEducation Centre, please contact Kristin Saville on 9905 1149, or email