Three Monash academics elected as Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science


Three Monash University researchers have today been elected as Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science, it was announced today.

The Academy announced the election of 21 distinguished Australian scientists as new Fellows – three of whom are from Monash: Professor Nicholas Wormald from the School of Mathematical Sciences in the Faculty of Science, Professor Cameron Jones from the School of Chemistry in the Faculty of Science, and Professor Thomas Davis from the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS).

Professor Wormald is one of an elite group of mathematicians who combine the most advanced probability theory, combinatorics and theoretical computer science to produce deep insights into the nature of random and complex networks.

He is responsible for an impressive number of major breakthroughs in this area and many standard methods used today were his invention.

Professor Jones is currently the RL Martin Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Monash, in addition to being the Director of the Monash Centre for Catalysis (MonCat).

Professor Jones has been the recipient of numerous national and international awards, recent examples of which include the 2014 Frankland Award of the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK), 2013 The HG Smith Memorial Medal of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, and the 2009 Senior Research Award of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Germany).

Professor Davis is currently an ARC Laureate Fellow and Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Convergent Bio-Nano Science & Technology (CBNS).

His scientific contributions have embraced polymerization kinetics, nanostructured films, nanoparticles, protein conjugates, nanoparticle enhanced bio-imaging, gene delivery and targeted therapeutics. He has published more than 450 refereed papers, attracting more than 28,000 citations, with more than 82 publications cited 100+ times. He has held three senior ARC Fellowships: an Australian Professorial Fellowship, an Australian Federation Fellowship and a Laureate Fellowship.

Welcoming the Academy’s announcement, Faculty of Science Interim Dean Professor Cristina Varsavsky said the appointments of Professor Wormald and Professor Jones as Fellows was an outstanding achievement:

“Professor Wormald is undoubtedly an outstanding mathematician and one of the top in his field in the world,” Professor Varsavsky said.

“And Professor Jones is a world leader in Inorganic Chemistry, with his work in this area attracting substantial national and international attention in recent years.

“The election of the two Professors as Fellows to the Academy recognises their excellence and leadership in their respective fields of Mathematics and Chemistry.”

Also welcoming the Academy’s announcement, Professor Chris Porter, Director of MIPS, said Professor Davis’ election was an outstanding achievement:

“Professor Davis has been instrumental in establishing Australia as a leading nation in the fields of nanobiology and nanomedicine,” Professor Porter said.

“His scientific contributions are world-class and wide-ranging, embracing polymerization kinetics, nanostructured films, nanoparticles, protein conjugates, nanoparticle enhanced bio-imaging, gene delivery and targeted therapeutics.

“His election as a Fellow of the Academy is a well-deserved recognition of his leadership in these fields and the contribution he has made to Australian science.”

About the Australian Academy of Science

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