Maureen Brunt Fellowship

The Maureen Brunt Professorial Fellowships aim to increase the number of successful women applicants to ARC Laureate Fellowship schemes and forge a strong mentorship base for early-career researchers.

The Australian Research Centre (ARC) Laureate Schemes are an important opportunity for senior researchers to advance their careers and enhance capacity in their research areas. The Maureen Brunt Professorial Fellowship is an initiative to provide development opportunities and research support to women researchers at Monash to increase the number of successful Laureates at Monash

About Professor Maureen Brunt AO

Professor Maureent Brunt was Monash’s first woman professor and the first woman Chair of Economics in Australia.

Born into a working-class family, Maureen was set up for an academic career thanks to her mother’s insistence. She completed a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne and a PhD in Industrial Organisation at Harvard University. Professor Brunt went on to hold many professorial posts before becoming the first female Chair of Economics in Australia.

Professor Brunt’s exceptional and trailblazing career has left a long-lasting impact that continues through the Maureen Brunt Professorial Fellowships.

Honouring a legacy and inspiring future women leaders

The Monash Maureen Brunt Professorial Fellowship seeks to build on Professor Brunt’s legacy by supporting highly promising women researchers who could be competitive for the Australian Research Council (ARC) Laureate Fellowships.

There will be up to ten fellowships on offer (up to 5 in STEMM and up to 5 in HASS-based faculties) for a total of AUD150,000 per annum (with the possibility of renewal for a maximum of three years). The grant will cover a range of research support and professional development opportunities, and specifically, it will help build a strong foundation of support and networking for other researchers.

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2023 Fellows

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