Research Talent Accelerator

The Research Talent Accelerator is an impact development program initiated by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) as part of the Portfolio’s Talent Enhancement Framework and Monash's strategic goals for Impact 2030.

About the Research Talent Accelerator

The Research Talent Accelerator Fellowship program aims to support motivated mid-career Monash academics in becoming future research leaders by accelerating their career progression.

By participating in this two-year program, fellows receive tailored professional development and are guided with developing a career plan to fast-track their leadership. They gain skills fundamental to research leadership, including how to persuade different audiences about the value and impact of their research.

They also learn how to lead interdisciplinary teams to create a significant impact in the world. This is a cohort experience where fellows are able to connect with colleagues from across the university working in very different disciplines and come together to learn about how to be great research leaders.

The Research portfolio curates a program that exposes the fellows to some of our leading researchers. Research Talent Accelerator fellows have had the opportunity to attend intensive workshops on research leadership and stakeholder engagement, as well as networking events to learn from and connect with research leaders from Monash and industry. The shadowing opportunities provided throughout the program are bespoke to the career development needs of the fellows and have included attending government roundtables, meetings with key funders and philanthropists as well as strategy sessions with senior executives.

This program supports participants with standing for responsible research: research that is inclusive, that asks the necessary questions, that is mindful of how methodologies are designed, the power asymmetries that exist and which collects data in ways that are mindful of lived experience.

Experiences of RTA participants

"The RTA program has been the most beneficial and enjoyable professional learning experience of my 15 years at Monash. The program has increased my confidence and leadership skills and I would highly recommend it to any mid-career researchers. It is clear from the structure and opportunities of the program, that the RTA program is highly valued by the University."

Emily Berger, Senior Lecturer in Educational Psychology, Faculty of Education

"The RTA program has given me the building blocks for my next major research steps - but just as importantly has also connected me with a group of supportive, constructive peers. The positivity of the group (and the hard work!) remind me of my favourite undergraduate classes from when I was a student."

Robbie Napper, Senior Lecturer in Industrial Design, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture

“The RTA program has been nothing short of a profoundly transformative journey. The opportunity to engage with, and draw inspiration from, senior research leaders within Monash and beyond has broadened my perspectives, encouraging me to challenge my own assumptions and think more expansively about the possibilities of my research leadership. Through intensive residential workshops, a bespoke mentoring program, and networking events, I've not only gained knowledge on research leadership but also formed enriching connections with an incredible cohort of research talent, each driven towards making a substantial impact through their leadership. I am now eager and excited to utilize these newfound skills in my journey ahead!”

Xinning Xiao, Senior Lecturer in Accounting, Faculty of Business and Economics

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