Report an incident or concern

We want to ensure your safety and the safety of others within the Monash community.

If you experience, see or hear about behaviour that may be illegal, concerning or unacceptable, you can report it to us using this form.

How we'll support you

Your report will go to the Safer Community Unit, who can:

  • help connect you with support services
  • explore appropriate safety measures
  • provide information on your formal reporting options
  • and assist you with formal reporting processes.

Your personal safety is our priority. We'll contact you if we need more information about your report, and to ensure you're safe and feel adequately supported. To help us with this, please provide your preferred contact details.

Reporting anonymously

You can choose to report anonymously, however if you do report anonymously we won't be able to provide you with any updates on our response to your report. By their nature, it's difficult to verify or investigate anonymous reports as it's usually impossible to get all the information that may be required.

Submit a report online

Report an incident or concern

What happens next?

When you submit a report, you'll see a reference number. Please record this number in case you would like to follow up on your report.

We monitor report submissions during business hours, Monday to Friday. We aim to contact you or provide a response to your report as soon as possible.

If you or someone else needs help, or are reporting an urgent or serious incident:

  • for immediate help on any Monash campus, call Security on 9905 3333 (24 hours)
  • for all emergencies concerning police, fire or ambulance call 000
  • to arrange a Security escort, call 9902 7777 (24 hours)

If your report is about a serious incident, or a possible criminal offence, we may be obligated to notify Victoria Police or Monash Security to ensure people are safe.

If your report is about a sexual offence, we'll respond in line with the Guidelines for Responding to Allegations of a Sexual Offence. You can find these guidelines, along with other information, on the Safer Community sexual offences page.

Making a formal report

We can discuss with you the range of formal reporting options available to you.

If your report is about:

  • something that could be a criminal offence, we can explain the process for formally reporting to the police, and assist you with that process
  • a Monash staff member, we can explain the processes for making a formal report for Monash Workplace Relations
  • a Monash student's behaviour, you can decide that you would like to make a formal report of general misconduct. General misconduct is any form of unacceptable behaviour that occurs on campus or at an off-campus activity. The Responsible Officer for General Misconduct will generally decide how a formal report of general misconduct should be dealt with.

You don't have to decide on your formal reporting options right away, and it's always your choice whether to make a formal report or not. To the greatest extent possible, we will respect your choice. However, if your report is about a serious incident or a possible criminal offence, we may have a legal or moral obligation to notify Victoria Police, Monash Security, or other people in the Monash community in order to make sure people are safe and protected.

We respect and value the privacy of every individual who chooses to report a concern or incident. Handling of your personal information is in accordance with Monash policy and the Victorian Information Privacy Principles.