Report an incident or concern

We want to ensure everyone is safe at Monash. So if you’ve experienced, seen or heard about behaviour that may be concerning, threatening, illegal or inappropriate, we’d like you to tell us about it using our reporting form.

Before making your report, please read the information on this page carefully.

How we’ll support you

We’re here to make sure that:

  • any necessary safety measures are put in place
  • you’re connected with the most appropriate support services for your situation
  • you’re fully informed about your formal reporting options so that you can make decisions that are right for you
  • you’ll be assisted with the reporting process, if you decide to make a formal report.

To help us with this, please provide your preferred contact details.

Submit a report

Report an incident or concern

What happens next?

When you submit a report, you’ll see a reference number. You should record this number in case you want to follow up on the report.

We monitor report submissions during business hours, Monday to Friday, and aim to contact you, or provide a response, as soon as possible.

Your options

Once we receive your report, we can discuss the available formal reporting options and provide you with information about the processes involved to help you decide what’s right for you.

The reporting options vary according to the type of behaviour and who is involved:

  • Sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, or another form of inappropriate sexual conduct: we’ll provide you with options that are within the scope of our Sexual Misconduct Response Procedure (pdf, 0.21 mb) (for example, proceeding with an investigation, making a report to the police).
  • Criminal offences: we can explain the process for formally reporting to the police, and assist you with that process.
  • Monash staff member behaviour: we can talk to you about making a report to Monash Workplace Relations on your behalf. They may consider disciplinary action.
  • Current Monash student behaviour: you can decide to make a formal report of general misconduct, which is any form of unacceptable behaviour that occurred on campus or at an off-campus activity. We can explain the general misconduct processes to you.

If you’ve already decided that you'd like to formally report the issue (e.g. student general misconduct) to Monash University, let us know on the reporting form.

Our obligations

If you’ve experienced problem behaviour, Monash University will generally take formal action against the other party only if that’s what you want. You don’t have to decide on your formal reporting options right away, and it’s your choice as to whether you make a formal report or not.

To the extent we can, we’ll respect and support a decision not to make a formal report. However, sometimes we may be required to notify other people about what you’ve told us (such as Victoria Police and other staff with Monash). This is to make sure people are safe and protected, or to comply with our legal duties. In these situations, to the extent possible, we’ll take measures to avoid identifying you.