Safety and security

Whether you're a student, staff member or visitor to Monash, you'll find our security services team working around the clock to keep our campuses safe and enjoyable places to work, study and play.

If you're ever worried about your own or someone else's safety, see something suspicious or just want some security advice, help is just a phone call away.

You call the same emergency number and the same general security number on all our Australian campuses. You'll find the numbers on the top-right of the page, so note them or enter them in your mobile phone.

You can also visit or call your campus security team directly, so make a note of your campus security office's location and contact details.

You'll see Monash security officers patrolling our campuses on foot, bicycles and in cars, day and night. They're backed by a management team with expertise in security awareness, crime prevention, investigation, surveillance and crisis and traffic management.

Our safety and security services include security safety escorts to accompany you around campus on request and free security buses on our bigger campuses in the evenings. We've also installed the latest technology, including CCTV surveillance cameras, electronic building-access controls and alarms, on all our campuses.

You're in safe hands at Monash, so enjoy your time with us.

Safe communities

When you join Monash, you join a community of people who take care of each other. So if you're feeling stressed or a little down contact our counselling services. If you feel threatened or concerned by someone's behaviour, contact our Safer Community Unit.

Security policies and intranet

You can read our security policies in detail at the Monash Policy bank. Current staff and students can also find more security information on our intranet.


Monash respects and is committed to the protection of personal information. We collect, use and disclose personal information in accordance with the Monash University Privacy Procedure. For more information about privacy at Monash University, see the privacy website and the Conduct and Compliance Policy.

Safety and security videos

View each video individually on the safety and security video library page.