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Monash uses the acronym LGBTIQ to be as inclusive as possible. We acknowledge that other variations of this acronym exist and are also valid. To learn more about terminology view our glossary.

Policies and Procedures

We strive to ensure all our policies and procedures are inclusive. Whether specifically stated or not, all HR policies and procedures apply equally to LGBTIQ staff, their partners and their families, as they do to heterosexual employees.

Terms such as ‘spouse’, ‘partner’ and ‘family’, as well as defined equivalent terminology, include same-sex relationships and people of diverse genders, as well as their families.

Our Equal Opportunity Policy demonstrates the University’s commitment to promoting equal opportunity in employment, education, service delivery, provision of accommodation, and sport in accordance
with universal principles of equity, fairness and social justice and in accordance with anti-discrimination laws.

We support staff affirming their gender at work through our Gender affirmation/transition procedure.

Capturing gender data inclusively

The University has developed a guidance document for researchers, students and other staff on how to inclusively capture gender in research, surveys, registrations or other forms.

Specialist HR Contacts

All members of the Staff Equity and Diversity Team have completed Ally training and can provide advice for staff, managers and supervisors about LGBTIQ inclusion at Monash. All conversations will be treated with sensitivity and in line with our privacy procedure. Contact or call 03 9902 9915.

External expertise

Monash engages with external agencies for their expert knowledge and advice to guide our LGBTIQ staff inclusion practices and initiatives.

We are members of Pride in Diversity, the national not-for-profit employer support program for LGBTIQ workplace inclusion specialising in HR, organisational change and workplace diversity.

Additionally, we have a relationship with Transgender Victoria who can offer advice and support for our transgender and gender diverse staff.

For more information contact

Partner Organisations

As part of our commitment to LGBTIQ inclusion, we have conveyed the importance we place on inclusive practices and are confident in their ability to assist all our employees.

The following organisations have confirmed that their products and services are inclusive of LGBTIQ staff, their partners and families:


Monash University’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has a network of over 100 counselling clinicians who have experience and sensitivity in counselling members of the LGBTIQ community.  Staff
can request one of these professional and supportive clinicians when making an EAP appointment.  Counselling is available over the phone, face-to-face, online or via live chat.

Events and community engagement

Each year Monash encourages participation in LGBTIQ events and dates of significance.  These activities help build our sense of community and are a platform to advocate for LGBTIQ inclusion:

  • International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia (IDAHOBIT)
  • International Transgender Day of Remembrance
  • Midsumma Pride March

Staff are encouraged to engage with our LGBTIQ community and Allies. Find out about past and upcoming events.


In addition to Ally Network training which is open to all staff we can facilitate the delivery of tailored training to support your team in LGBTIQ inclusion. For more information contact

Further information for staff and managers (staff only)

We have comprehensive information and resources on LGBTIQ workplace inclusion for staff and managers in our staff equity toolkit. Topics covered include:

  • LGBTIQ workplace inclusion
  • Support for managers and supervisors
  • Being an effective Ally at work
  • Support for transgender and gender diverse staff
  • Support for intersex staff