Audit your content

Before you start writing, make sure the information you want to convey doesn't already exist, or partially exist, elsewhere. Check the website (use 'search') and other publications and flyers.

Do not double up on content, particularly on If the information already exists, link to it. If it partially exists, hunt down the content owner and negotiate a home for the information.

A content inventory

If you're reworking a lot of text online, do a content inventory  a list of all your content.

Most people create a spreadsheet with a row for each page. Create columns with:

  • the area to which the page belongs
  • the page title and URL
  • the content owner
  • the writer
  • the date of creation, last revision and next revision
  • the page status  keep, delete, revise, plan, write, edit, or post.

Frankly, this can be a painful process. But once done you have an invaluable resource  a map of your content. You will be able to see how each page fits in the scheme, whether you have repeated content and how easy your publication is to use.

See more at or adaptive path – both sites have great advice about web content inventories.