Define your goals

It’s become something of a cliche, but it still works. Write SMART goals. Actually, make that SMARTER goals. These are goals that are:


Detail who, what, where, when and why.


How will you measure success? Enrolments, page hits, offers from industry?


If you’re looking to motivate, three small, attainable goals that build on each other works better than one huge, long-term goal.


It’s good to push your, or your staff’s, skills and knowledge. But are you sure you can actually get all this done?


Updating student pages with information for semester one 2013 academic year is helpful in September 2012, but less so in March 2013.


Regularly evaluate and review goals.


Write down your goals and put them in the content strategy or project file for future reference.

Workshop these goals with the publication team. Return to them frequently to revise them and ensure you stay on track.