Alumni to Alumni Mentoring

Open to Monash alumni around the world to be a mentor, mentee or both. Fast and flexible mentoring meetings can take place online, by phone or in person. Participants can match up by industry and expertise.

If you’ve considered sharing or receiving career insights through mentoring but feel you can’t meet the demands of an ongoing mentoring relationship, our new Alumni to Alumni Mentoring program could be just the ticket.

It’s open to all Monash alumni, anywhere in the world. You can choose to be a mentor, a mentee or both. Unlike traditional mentoring programs made up of face-to-face meetings, scheduled touch points and reporting, our program is flexible and allows you to step in and out of the program based on your other commitments. Mentoring meetings can be a one-off 30-minute conversation, or you may choose to schedule a longer discussion by mutual agreement depending on the mentoring topic.

Meetings can be contained within the portal, or the mentor and mentee can arrange a discussion online, over the phone or in person. Matches for mentors and mentees are provided based on industry and expertise. All mentoring discussions are confidential.

​Some popular topics include:

  • Career planning and progression
  • Networking strategy
  • Negotiation tactics
  • Leadership approach
  • Entrepreneurship and start-ups

Before accessing the platform, you need to be verified as a member of the Monash alumni community.

You can sign up using a LinkedIn account or create a specific account for your mentoring profile. The process is very straightforward and includes terms and conditions governing privacy and conduct.

If you’re planning to be a mentor, you’ll be asked to provide a brief work history, select your areas of expertise and the type of advice you’re willing to share with mentees.

Similarly, if you plan to be a mentee as well as a mentor, you’ll be able to select your connection preferences and review the profile of mentors that match your career aspirations. The flexibility of the program means you can participate when your schedule allows.

Once we’ve confirmed your access and you upload your profile and photograph, you'll be able to set and accept the number of meetings your schedule allows.  Remember, no one can see your contact information.

As a mentor you can:

  • Share your knowledge
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Make a difference
  • Connect with like-minded alumni

Becoming a mentee gives you the chance to reach out to the extensive global network of Monash alumni, and benefit from the experiences and insights they've gained throughout their career.

Connecting with someone who is in the same industry as you, and who has been where you are now, is a great way to understand the important steps that you need to take to progress your career with confidence, or to affirm that you’re on the right track.

Once we’ve confirmed your access and you upload your profile, you’ll be able to select your connection preferences and review the profiles of mentors that match your career interests. As a mentee in this program, you'll need to research the database of mentors, then make a connection and request a time to discuss your topic of choice with your mentor.

Remember, no one can see your contact details..

As a mentee you can:

  • Learn from those who’ve gone before you
  • Build your network
  • Find new career opportunities
  • Gain insight into your industry

Alumni to Alumni Mentoring is free of charge and is a self-service model. Mentees are required to search the Monash alumni pool of mentors against their personal preferences (eg. by industry). The platform will then display closest mentor matches based on the search criteria.

The mentee will make a selection and send a message to a possible mentor to ascertain their availability for a mentoring session.

Upon the acceptance of an invitation, the mentor and mentee arrange the mentoring session between themselves. The length of the mentoring session is determined between the mentor and mentee but 30 minutes is provided as a guide. Depending on the goal of the session, the length of the discussion may be extended by mutual agreement. .

The mentor can also choose to keep the mentoring exchange within the platform to ensure their personal contact information remains private.

Want to share your experience being in the Alumni to Alumni mentoring program with us? Send us an email and we'll share it here.

Mentor testimonials

“It is a great opportunity to contribute towards helping shape another person’s career journey. In return, you are rewarded with the opportunity to learn more about a younger person’s career aspirations, potential and amazing capabilities. The interaction is a balance of putting in with your life experiences and getting out by learning about the dynamics of modern youth and our future leaders.”

- Karen, Manager

"I enjoyed connecting with my mentee. I could see evidence of my younger self in them, and it felt good to provide positive constructive guidance and feedback to someone in the earlier stages of their career."

- Janine, Director

"This program brought us together from different backgrounds and fields of work. It was an opportunity for good discussion and shared experiences, which are useful for broad approaches to issues."

- Russell, Director

Mentee testimonials

"Hearing other people's experiences is always valuable. Their advice can be very effective at improving your own performance and identifying future goals."

- Nick, Statistician

"Truly inspiring session with my mentor. I am grateful to find someone who works in the same industry who is able to share his stories with me."

- Rachelle, Financial Analyst

"My mentor was a former classmate. It was lovely to be reconnected and see them thriving in their career. It's a great opportunity to re-engage and a good reminder that I am still very much a part of the Monash community. This program has broadened my career possibilities."

- David

In only five easy steps, you can become a mentor or mentee in our Alumni to Alumni Mentoring program:

  • Click on the Apply Now button.
  • Create an account or sign up using your LinkedIn account.
  • Complete the registration form with your basic information, brief work history and areas of expertise.
  • Submit your registration form and wait until your alumni status is confirmed (approximately two business days).
  • Once confirmed, you'll be invited to login to set your connection preferences and wait for fellow alumni to request a mentoring session with you; or send a request to connect with a mentor.

Important Dates

Mentor applications open Always
Mentee applications open Always

Program Contact

Vivienne Norman
Manager, Alumni Engagement
External Relations, Development and Alumni
Office of the President and Vice-Chancellor
Monash University


Alumni to Alumni Mentoring

Length: Flexible

Program type: Alumni to Alumni

Location: Global

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