Women in Technology Mentoring

The Women in Technology (WIT) mentoring program aims to foster connections and provide development opportunities that help women to thrive in their IT studies and careers. Driven by our mission ‘IT for Social Good’, it’s our responsibility to champion gender equity and give everyone an equal chance of success.

Paired with accomplished industry professionals, the program helps students expand their networks, gain critical insights into the field, grow professionally, and get a headstart on their careers. It’s also a great opportunity for participating professionals to empower the next generation of IT experts.

Benefits of being a mentor

  • Shape the leaders of tomorrow;
  • Make a difference in the lives of others
  • Gain new perspectives and fresh ideas
  • Expand your professional network and
  • Become more involved with the IT community at Monash

Eligibility criteria

The program is open to alumni and industry professionals who are:

  • Women
  • Monash IT alumni or industry mentors from relevant IT field
  • Be able to commit to meeting your mentee a minimum of three times for the duration of the program
  • Be able to commit at least one hour of your time per mentoring session over the duration of the program

Benefits of being a mentee

We run a variety of professional development and networking opportunities for mentees before, during and after the program. To make the most of your participation, we suggest attending the following sessions:

  • Mentoring workshop and Professional Development session
  • Program launch event face to face
  • Participate in three or more meetings with your mentor during the program
  • Final face-to-face celebration with program participants

Eligibility criteria

The program is open to student mentees who are:

  • Women
  • Current students including students on IBL placement
  • Studying at an Australian campus
  • Be enrolled in either an undergraduate or postgraduate course with the Faculty of IT (including double degrees)
  • UG students that have completed a minimum of 48 credit points
  • PG students that have completed a minimum of 24 credit points

Mentee event

An introductory session dedicated to preparing mentees for their journey. Mentees will learn how to approach their mentors, what to ask and make a plan for productivity and goal setting in the program. Our Program Manager will be there to also answer any questions.

Launch event

Mentors and mentees are introduced to the program and each other. We also provide all tools and resources for the program, and partnerships are given the opportunity to plan their goals.

Networking event

In a facilitated workshop, mentees are given the chance to build their communication and presentation skills. Mentors are invited to connect with other mentors and industry partners. Afterwards, both parties engage in a structured speed networking session.

Celebration event

At the end of the program, our mentors and mentees gather to celebrate their progress, share their experiences and reflect on their journeys. We also award certificates to participants who successfully complete the program.

Mentee testimonials

"I was extremely fortunate to join the WIT program as I entered my Industry-Based Learning program. I cannot imagine that I would have had the same level of success and development had I not had my industry mentor to lean on, talk to, seek advice from and strategize with. With my mentor’s help, I was able to navigate, manage and understand the corporate world. It can be easy to be overwhelmed by the big life choices we make as students and having someone experienced to guide you is invaluable. My mentor’s kindness, genuine interest and support became the ace up my sleeve time and time again. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to step from university to industry on the right foot."

- Elena Doncila Pop, Bachelor of Computer Science

"If you are a woman in the Faculty of Information Technology who is looking for guidance and/or support, I highly recommend the WIT Mentoring Program. It is a great way to network with experienced women in the IT industry, as well as develop yourself professionally in a supportive environment. I cannot thank my mentor enough for being so generous with her time and knowledge during the program, and for her ongoing advice and support."

- Mikaela Milesi, Master of Data Science

Mentor testimonials

"Twenty years ago during my time at Monash studying IT, there were no programs like this on offer. Having a program like this would’ve given my career an advantage, which is why I am honoured to volunteer as a mentor."

- Carol Chew, Senior Director, Product Management, Mediaocean

"I am so honoured and proud to be part of the Monash University Women in IT mentoring program. It is the perfect opportunity to give back and support the next generation of women coming into the IT industry. I certainly wish there was this type of program around when I was at university. The program is run exceptionally well, and the mentors and mentees are always enthusiastic and welcoming.”

- Gerri Dickson, Analyst Capability Lead, Seisma

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Important Dates

Mentor/Mentee applications openMonday 20 March
Mentor/Mentee applications closeThursday 6 April
Program commencesMonday 24 April

Program Contact

Student Engagement
Faculty of Information Technology
E: FIT-studentengagement@monash.edu

Women in Technology Mentoring

Length: 4 months

Program type: Industry to Student

Location: Australia