Financial sustainability

The financial profile of Monash is currently balanced between Australian Government and private sources of income, and both are currently significant enough that a decline in any one major source has a direct and negative impact on the University’s ability to operate effectively.

Financial sustainability requires:

  • an ability to maintain an operating surplus sufficient to
    • ensure the quality of education, research and services; and
    • invest in new knowledge, new curriculum and new modes of operating that make a positive impact on our world and our communities.
  • diversification of key revenue sources by
    • reducing dependence on national government for research grant income; and
    • increasing the range of nations and teaching modes from which education income is derived.
  • the foundation to provide long-term capacity to
    • provide scholarship assistance to students affected by disadvantage; and
    • support new ventures contributing to the betterment and wellbeing of our communities.

Financial sustainability will be assessed by:

  • operating surplus;
  • diversified revenue sources;
  • growth of the foundation to support University goals;
  • scholarships supported by University and external funds; and
  • investment in ventures and operations to address key global challenges.