Staff expertise

Monash’s education, research and services rely on the quality and expertise of its staff.

Staff expertise requires:

  • programs of recruitment, development, recognition and reward that are aligned with the purpose and goals of the University, that staff are excellent, international, enterprising and inclusive;
  • attention to development, recognition and rewards for collaboration through effective working in and leading teams, project and programs, particularly teams that span internal and external organisational boundaries;
  • effective leadership skills in all parts of the University – academic, professional and administrative – particularly through more coordinated and tailored attention to building the leadership skills necessary to meet the goals of the University; and
  • making ‘Ancora Imparo’ the motto and the impetus for supporting staff into new areas of knowledge, operation and engagement, able to find opportunity in digital disruption and attuned to the global challenges of our age.

Staff expertise will be assessed by:

  • diversity of staff profile with particular attention to gender, race and ethnicity, and the enhanced participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples;
  • alignment of recognition and reward policies and practices to support collaboration and inclusivity;
  • engagement in ‘new’ development and leadership programs to support learning new skills and understanding global challenges;
  • effectiveness of leadership of significant programs and projects;
  • evidence of enhanced partnerships with other organisations; and
  • cultural transformation to support a sense of belonging among our staff and students, and behaviours that support the University’s values.