Framework and Priority Areas

margaret gardner

Message from the President and Vice-Chancellor

Social justice and inclusion are core to Monash University’s goals and values. Since our foundation more than 60 years ago, we have worked to foster an environment where everyone is treated equally with dignity and respect.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Framework is vital to this endeavour. Aligning with our University Strategic Plan, Impact 2030, this Framework adopts an approach to diversity and inclusion that recognises the richness and depth of individual contributions and of our entire University community.

Celebrating that diversity and working to strengthen inclusion enriches the Monash experience. By implementing this Framework each of us is helping to create a modern, harmonious global community.

Professor Margaret Gardner AC
President and Vice-Chancellor

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at Monash

Monash University recognises that its Australian campuses are located on the unceded lands of the people of the Kulin nations, and pays its respects to their Elders past and present. Monash is committed to fostering a society that recognises, respects and includes Indigenous Peoples, cultures and knowledge. Our approach to building an equitable, diverse and inclusive community is grounded in this understanding. The University will contribute to the creation of this society by working with and celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, cultures and knowledge, as well as Indigenous Peoples of other places where Monash has a campus or major presence.

The University’s commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion is embedded throughout:

With the new Impact 2030 strategic plan in place, we are critically reviewing our approach to equity, diversity and inclusion as we develop the next iteration of our Framework and an accompanying plan for action. We look forward to sharing our new multi-year Framework and action plan for a diverse and inclusive Monash, in late 2022.

Other critical strategies that intersect with this practice include: