Framework and Priority Areas

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at Monash

Our new Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Framework 2022 - 2030 is the centrepiece of Monash’s strategic governance on equity, diversity and inclusion. Overseen by the EDI Committee, the Framework informs our actions, practices and approaches to furthering EDI in our community.

The Framework puts into effect the ‘Inclusive’ goal of Monash’s strategic plan, Impact 2030. It reflects the University’s commitment to advancing inclusion within the Monash community, and Monash’s role as a global leader by advocating for change in broader society.

Plans to enable, monitor and evaluate Monash’s ambitious goals in the Framework will be developed across the duration of the Framework. These will be embedded with tangible and pragmatic actions that create accountabilities across all facets of the University and timeframes for completion. There will also be methods for assessing the impact of these actions so that proceeding plans can be adapted to ensure maximum change is achieved.

The University’s commitment to EDI is further embedded throughout:

Other critical strategies that intersect with our EDI practices include: