Council elections

University Council Election 2020

Monash University Council is the governing body of Monash University, established by the Monash University Act 2009. As part of the requirements under the Act, Monash University are required to elect two positions to Council – an elected Student member position and an elected Staff member position. To find out more about the role of Council, and the responsibilities of being on the University Council, please read through the Council Charter and information about the role of an elected member of Council as linked below. If you are contemplating nominating to stand for an elected position in this election, it is crucial you read these in your preparation as a candidate.

University Council passed a resolution earlier this year to set down the election process and rules, appoint a Returning Officer and establish the timeline for the election of these positions pursuant (and in addition to) the provisions in section 2A of the Monash University (Council) Regulations. Alongside this, University Council adopted further binding campaign principles which also underpin the conduct of the election. If you are participating in this election you must read these governing documents as they set down the expectations and requirements for students and staff who take part in the election.

The 2020 University Council Election period is now underway, with two positions to be elected, being one staff elected member position and one student elected member position.

Nominations have now closed. The following eligible nominations have been received:

University Council Staff Member Elected Position

At the close of nominations for the University Council staff member elected position, the following eligible nominations were received:

  • Cathy Rojas
  • Tim Stephens
  • Associate Professor Briony Rogers
  • Professor Hean Tat Keh
  • Dr Paul McIntosh

University Council Student Member Elected Position:

At the close of nominations for the University Council student member elected position, the following eligible nominations were received:

  • Andy Xing
  • Nazzal Alenezi
  • Chloe Polglaze
  • Ruoyi Wang
  • James McDonald
  • Sofie van Hoeven
  • Caitlyn Neale
  • Isabella Rogers-Headicar

Voting will be from 9.00am (AEST) on Wednesday 7 October and close at 5pm (AEST) Tuesday 13 October. A secure voting link will be sent to your Monash email account. Using this link you can vote electronically for your preferred candidate and, if you wish, rank some or all of the remaining candidates according to your preferences.

The Notices of Election are linked below. There is also an election information sheet plus timeline which gives participants all the relevant dates and answers to frequently asked questions. These documents outline the election process and what is required of participants. In line with COVID-19 restrictions candidates are not permitted to campaign in person and campaign materials must follow the stipulations as set down in the information sheet and in the Campaign Principles. Candidates cannot use Monash University staff or student resources that are not available to all students & staff, such as using resources or closed membership group lists from Clubs and Societies or Student Associations, Staff Clubs & Faculty groups.

All election forms are linked below for participants. There will be no physical handling of election forms in this election – all forms will need to be submitted electronically to the email address as listed. This election site will be regularly updated as we move further through the election process.  If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the Returning Officer on the details below.

Gavin Ryan
University Council Returning Officer
Phone: 0403 336 829