Change of ownership for Monash South Africa

The acquisition by The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE) of Monash South Africa (MSA), a joint venture between Laureate Education Inc. and Monash University, was announced on 11 September 2018.  That acquisition has now been finalised and The IIE is now the owner and operator of the MSA campus.


Monash South Africa (MSA), a joint venture between Laureate Education Inc. and Monash University, has been sold to The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), South Africa’s largest private higher education provider and a wholly owned subsidiary of the publicly listed ADvTECH Group.

Since 2013, MSA operated as a joint venture between US-based majority owner Laureate Education (75 per cent) and Monash University (25 per cent). In 2017 both Monash University and Laureate agreed to explore the possibility of concluding the joint venture, having determined that the next phase of development of the campus would be best managed under custodianship of a local operator better suited to operate in the South African education market.

The IIE operates across 21 sites in South Africa offering registered and accredited higher education programmes from Higher Certificate to Masters level at its Varsity College, Vega, and Rosebank College campuses and 35,000 students at Higher Education level.

Under the ownership of The IIE the campus will continue to develop innovative, market-aligned programs for its 4000-strong local and international student population.

The interests of students who are enrolled in Monash programs are of paramount importance to the University. Monash University and Laureate are working closely with The IIE through the transition and integration process to ensure an uninterrupted experience for MSA students, staff and other key stakeholders.

Current programs at MSA will be taught out by arrangement with The IIE. Programs offered in cooperation with Monash University will be taught until the end of 2022. Students presently enrolled at MSA will be supported to complete their qualification.