Monash Partners receives funding boost in Federal budget – with health benefits to Victorians

Prof Helena Teede

Professor Helena Teede (right), Executive Director of Monash Partners

The health of Victorians and Australians is set to improve with the announcement of significant Federal Government investment to support Advanced Health Research and Translation Centres including Monash Partners (which encompasses Monash University along with nine partners). These leading Centres are accredited by the National Health and Medical Research Council to conduct rapid transformational research that delivers solutions to health service problems, with direct patient benefits.

An investment of AUD $10 million was announced yesterday by the Australian government. This investment will be initially focused across existing accredited Centres including Alfred Health and Monash Health and Partners (Monash Partners). Monash Partners directly integrates research, education and clinical care around a vision to improve the health of the community and encompasses Monash University, Alfred Health, Monash Health, Baker Institute, Burnet Institute, Cabrini Health, Eastern Health, Epworth Healthcare, Hudson Institute, and Peninsula Health. Monash Partners will receive more than AUD $2 million as part of a formative investment to support world leading research to underpin high quality health care improvement and better health outcomes.

Read Monash Partners’ media release.