Monash Reaffirms core values of inclusion and support for all students


This week the communities of Monash University and the University of Melbourne were confronted with racist material appearing in various locations on campus.

At our Clayton campus 23 posters containing racist and offensive material were identified by Monash Security and promptly removed.  

Once the posters were discovered, Monash Security liaised with the authorities, Monash Student Association, the Monash University Council Student representative and Monash City Council.  Monash provided information to Consular officials in Melbourne and across Australian and Chinese social media channels. Monash also provided statements to media, and reported the incident to Victoria Police.

Unacceptable racist, defamatory or discriminatory material has been distributed on Monash campuses in the past, as well as other universities and community locations in Australia. In this most recent incident, the offenders appropriated the official Monash University logo to lend a false sense of legitimacy to the material.

Monash unequivocally condemns this incident, and is working with authorities to identify the people responsible. Our review to date suggests the offenders are not from this University.  However, if members of the Monash community are found to have been involved, they will face immediate disciplinary action.

We have invested and will continue to invest in significant Campus security safeguards. Our security patrols are highly visible and active 24/7.

Monash is committed to providing a welcoming, safe environment that is free from discrimination and where every student and staff member is treated with dignity, courtesy and respect. Inclusion and diversity are our enduring values; they are prominent in our university strategy and our Monash Student Charter.  

Our values as a university will never be compromised by the actions of a few unrepresentative individuals. Everyone is welcome and safe on our campuses and in our community.  We will work tirelessly to ensure this continues.