Strategic plan

Focus Monash lays out the goals and priorities for Monash University for the next five years. The ambitions it contains outline the international excellence in research and education that will be developed from a deeply internationalised, enterprising and inclusive University. Commitment to collaboration with industry, government, university and community partners across the world is key to the way that our goals will be realised.

In this short video, the Vice-Chancellor introduces the major themes of the Strategic Plan, explains how they relate to one another, and briefly sketches out a vision of what the Monash of 2020 will look like.

Focus Monash was developed over a six-month period from October 2014 to March 2015. It involved extensive consultation with Monash staff at numerous points in the process, particularly at green paper (staff only) and white paper (staff only) stages. It sets the directions for Monash as well as outlining the principles that guide our future.

Download Focus Monash: Strategic Plan 2015-2020

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