Monash researchers among stars of medical research

Four of the NHMRC’s 20 top prizes for excellence in health and medical research have been awarded to Monash researchers.

The prestigious awards recognise recent outstanding performance in the health and medical research field.

Among those honoured in Canberra this week were Associate Professor James Bourne, Dr Trisha Peel, Dr Joanne McKenzie, and Dr Darren Creek.

Associate Professor Bourne took home one of most prestigious accolades, the Marshall and Warren Award for his research in better understanding the complex circuits between the brain and eye, in order to help those recovering from brain injury as well as children experiencing difficulty with their vision.

“Our research will also help children who start to show early signs of movement and vision problems, in explaining why they may be experiencing those problems and how we might help them in overcoming these challenges,” Associate Professor Bourne said.

Dr Creek, of the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences’ (MIPS), was presented with the NHMRC prize for having the top ranked Career Development Fellowship Level II (Biomedical) for 2017.

These fellowships provide support for Australia’s most outstanding early to mid-career health and medical researchers. Dr Creek’s fellowship addresses improvements for the treatment for malaria and other neglected tropical diseases such as sleeping sickness.

Dr Trisha Peel was recognised for her research in optimising patient outcomes after surgery, focusing on prevention of infection and optimal use of antimicrobials in the operating theatre. In charge of the Infectious Diseases, she is also the lead investigator on the NHMRC funded world-leading ASAP trial which examines she is also the lead investigator on the NHMRC funded world-leading ASAP trial which examines surgical antimicrobial prophylaxis in 4450 patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery.

Developing and evaluating statistical methods and methodology for systematic reviews is the key focus of Dr Joanne McKenzie’s work in the School of Public Health and Preventative Medicine.

For more information on the NHMRC Excellence Awards visit the NHMRC website.