Statement regarding parking

Between 2005 and 2019 Monash University engaged private contractors to provide parking infringement services which included conducting internal reviews of parking infringements.

Following claims that there was legal uncertainty regarding the ability of private contractors to conduct internal reviews of parking infringements, the Victorian Ombudsman investigated the outsourcing of parking fine internal reviews by three Councils and concluded that the use of private contractors to conduct internal reviews of parking fines on behalf of enforcement agencies was contrary to law.

In light of the Victorian Ombudsman’s position, Monash forensically reviewed its use of private contractors to provide parking infringement services, including the audit of processes by independent lawyers, who concluded that the University had at all times managed its parking infringement internal review system in accordance with its legal requirements.

Monash subsequently conducted a thorough investigation of its practices and made certain process changes, to ensure there was no suggestion of inconsistency with its legislative obligations.

The Ombudsman has now conducted a further investigation into a wider group of Councils, and bodies, including the University.  Her position remains that the practice employed by these bodies, including the University, was unlawful.  As a result, the University has again reviewed its position but again finds it differs from the Ombudsman on this issue.

However, given the Ombudsman’s clear position on the internal review system, and despite the University’s own confirmation of its adherence to all legal requirements, the University has decided that it will offer to refund historical parking fines to eligible claimants.

The refund scheme will be implemented by way of an online portal and announced by the University through its external communication channels including web and social media. The statement and availability to request a refund will be made available once the systems and processes have been established by the University.

The Ombudsman has today tabled a report in both houses which both notes the University’s position that it has at all times acted lawfully in its conduct of internal reviews, however, in recognition of the Ombudsman’s strong differing views, has determined to offer to refund parking fines to those affected.

Our online claim portal is now live. Those who believe they may be eligible for a refund should refer to this page for information.