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What is the Masterplan?

At Monash University, we understand how important it is for our campuses to develop as nurturing, compelling and stimulating places. That's why we've created a plan for the future: a blueprint for development, designed to provide more on-campus services, improved education facilities, better transport options, more green spaces, and increased sustainability. It's all part of our Monash Masterplan.

Like cities and towns, our campuses need a plan to manage future development. The Monash Masterplan is a comprehensive suite of documents that outline a vision and framework for the physical development of our campuses over the next twenty years.

The Masterplan addresses key issues and opportunities for the campuses, so that they can develop sustainably towards an agreed vision.

What will the Masterplan do for you?

At Monash University, we understand that our people are our most important asset, and we know that they need to be supported in an environment that nurtures ability and encourages ambition.

We have one of the largest campus footprints of any university in the world, something that gives us the unique opportunity to deliver education and conduct research in ways that most others cannot. But we also need to remain vigilant, to plan responsibly for our future and maintain our standard of  excellence.

The Masterplan delivers a comprehensive planning framework to guide the future development of our campuses and to deliver an inspiring, sustainable and world-class university environment.

For more information on the Masterplan see our frequently asked questions. If you would like to see how the Masterplan is being put into effect, view our featured projects

Partnerships and community

Creating successful, sustainable campuses, today and into the future, is dependant on forging strong partnerships between business, research and community. Together they can ensure that University programmes remain relevant in the workplace, that a healthy array of sponsored research programmes continue  to  be  developed,  and  that  the  University is successfully integrated with  surrounding communities.


Monash University aspires to become a leader in the worldwide effort to create a thriving sustainable society through education, research, operations and action.

Realising this aspiration has been a primary consideration in the development of the Masterplan, with all aspects of the project underpinned by this vision. Specific sustainability outcomes have been specified for each campus development strategy to ensure our approach to sustainability on the ground is holistic and  integrated.

Featured projects

All projects undertaken on our campuses are required to comply with Masterplan objectives and strategies. See featured projects.

Frequently asked questions