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Virtual tools map mysterious Laos stones

Virtual reality tools map mysterious Laos stones

Combining drone technology and virtual reality tools, archaeologists from Monash University and the Australian National University have created a 3D virtual-reality model of one of Asia’s most mysterious archaeological sites.

Medicine & health

With the plebiscite set to be blocked, who will leave a legacy of marriage equality?

Paula Gerber

Every prime minister likes to leave a legacy, to be able to say Australia is in a better position because of the reforms they introduced. John Howard points to gun control as his legacy; Kevin Rudd the apology to the Stolen Generations.


Study challenges idea of mandatory water intake

A multi-institute study led by Monash University has revealed for the first time the mechanism that regulates fluid intake in the human body and stops us from over-drinking, which can cause potentially fatal water intoxication.

Medicine & health

GPs caught out by increase in female requests for genital cosmetic surgery: study finds

One third of patients requesting female genital cosmetic surgery (FGCS) are younger than 18, according to a joint Monash study of Australian General Practitioners, with many GPs feeling ill equipped to advise on the surgery.

Medicine & health

A future world full of driverless cars ... seriously?!

Driverless cars are an engineer’s dream. At last, a technology that promises to remove the human factor from the traffic system.

Engineering & technology
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