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Yahya Shehabi

Monash study will lead improvements in sedation practice for intensive care patients

Better patient outcomes through improved sedation practices in intensive care is the aim of Monash research that has received significant industry funding.

Medicine & health

Immune breakthrough: unscratching poison ivy's rash

Immune breakthrough: poison ivy

We all know that a brush with poison ivy leaves us with an itchy painful rash. A breakthrough finding from a major global research collaboration between Monash University and Harvard has revealed the molecular cause of this irritation.


Tapping into the power of ‘wasted’ energy

Monash University researchers have developed and patented new materials that can store energy, and are designed to ultimately transform ‘wasted’ energy into useable electricity.


Offshore detention: Australians have a right to know what is done in their name

How did one of the world’s most-successful multicultural countries made up of refugees and immigrants end up harming children who came to us seeking protection and help? One of the answers to this question is secrecy.

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Shantha R

Sleep disorders and the disturbance of the internal body clock

We spend 25 years of our life sleeping. Within our brain’s hypothalamus there is a dense cluster of cells that act as a master body clock, which has evolved to keep time with the 24-hour solar cycle.

Medicine & health
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