AHRC Recommendations Response

Our response to the AHRC 'Change the Course' report recommendations

Here’s how we’ve taken action on the nine recommendations made in the AHRC ‘Change the Course’ report on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment at Australian Universities. Download Monash University's Response to Change the Course Report.

As part of our journey towards fulfilling the recommendations, we conducted an Independent Review of our policies and response pathways, as well as looking at contributing factors in University residences. Read the Worklogic Independent Review, and you can read Monash’s action plan to address the recommendations.

We recognise that while we’ve fulfilled these recommendations, they require an ongoing commitment to ensure they remained fulfilled. We’ll continue to improve and review our response pathways regularly, and we’re committed to implementing a range of prevention measures with a focus on primary prevention interventions.

Respect Now Always Advisory Committee

We established the Respect Now Always (RNA) Advisory Committee in September 2017, with the following Terms of Reference.

The RNA Advisory Committee is chaired by Monash University Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Margaret Gardner AC.

The RNA Advisory Committee includes representation from Monash’s senior leadership, the student body, academic staff, residential colleges, student services and frontline sexual assault services.

  • Professor Margaret Gardner AC (Chair) – Vice-Chancellor & President
  • Professor Sharon Pickering (Co-Chair) – Interim Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) and Senior Vice-President
  • Mr. Vladimir Prpich – Executive Director, Campus Community Division
  • Professor David Copolov – Pro Vice-Chancellor (Major Campuses and Student Engagement)
  • Professor Matthew Gillespie – Vice-Provost (Faculty and Graduate Affairs)
  • Professor Abid Khan - Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Global Engagement)
  • Ms. Emily Spencer - Chief of Staff and Director, Office of the Vice-Chancellor and President
  • Mr. Phillip Vaughan – Interim Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Mr. Selwyn Ng - Head Student Life, Monash University Malaysia
  • Ms. Susan Anderson – General Counsel
  • Ms. Trisha Prpich – Director, Monash Residential Services
  • Mr. Andrew Marks – Director, Counselling and Mental Health Programs
  • Ms. Fiona Marshall - Manager, Respectful Communities
  • Dr. Sergio Fabris – Acting Principal, Mannix College
  • Ms. Jo Mithen - Chief Executive Officer, Monash College
  • Ms. Mary Mass – SECASA (independent nominee)
  • Student President, Monash Graduate Association
  • Student President, MONSU Caulfield
  • Student President, Monash Student Association
  • Student President, MONSU Peninsula
  • Student President, Monash Parkville Student Union

Contact information


Professor Margaret Gardner AC
Phone: (+61 3) 9902 9851

Professor Sharon Pickering
Phone: (+61 3) 9905 3468

Executive Officer

Fiona Marshall
Phone (+61 3) 9905 9088