Consultancy services

We deliver consultancy services in the Pacific and have a track record of securing competitive funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) and multilateral organisations such as the World Bank and the United Nations.

Our expertise includes gender and equality, inclusive education, human rights, climate change, public policy, capacity building, security and justice, research evaluation and more. A sample of our expertise is outlined below.

Climate change

The Australia Research Council Discovery Project, Resilience and Vulnerability in Property Systems: Rising Sea Levels and Local Relocations in the Solomon Islands, demonstrates our research capability in climate change. The project provides a conceptual framework for analysing resilience and vulnerability in property systems, including sustainable farming practices in the Solomon Islands. This project contributes to the broader dialogue on the need for a legal framework and collective action to respond to climate change.

Food security

Funded by ACIAR, our researchers are undertaking a study on a transformational school food education model that helps contribute to improving household food education in Pacific communities. The project seeks to inform the design of a model that promotes community-engaged food education, and empowers Pacific communities to improve agricultural farming practices and their food environments.

Gender and equality

Our research expertise in gender and equality extends across a broad range of disciplines, including family violence prevention, gender analysis and inclusion, insurgency, political violencegender-sensitive design practices and theory, and domestic violence on women’s entrepreneurship.

Young Women’s Leadership in Asia and the Pacific, a DFAT-funded project, showcases our consultancy capability and commitment to gender and equality. Focusing on leadership skills and approaches for young women in Asia and the Pacific, the project sought to understand how young women engage in leadership, and the challenges and opportunities they face in developing their leadership capabilities.

Research and evaluation

We are part of a DFAT panel to provide monitoring, evaluation and research services to support the Australian government’s aid program in Fiji and Tuvalu. The services enable us to draw upon strengths across diverse discipline areas including arts, development economics and sustainability, education, medicine, nursing and health sciences.