Enquiring minds: keynote speech for ICUR

Director of the Bachelor of Global Studies, Dr Susan Carland will be this year’s keynote speaker at the annual International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR), 24-25 September at Clayton campus.

An accomplished academic, author and social commentator, Dr Carland is the perfect fit to discuss with our aspiring undergraduate researchers how her own research has shaped her academic and media career.

As an undergraduate, Susan saw a knowledge gap in the study of gender, sociology, contemporary Australia, terrorism, and Islam in the modern world, and was drawn to investigate this.

“Like so many other people do in their area of research, I found there was an area of need that was under-addressed, and that I was also personally invested in, and felt I could make a contribution to,” Dr Carland says.

“Those three things combined help to make good research.”

Her first book, Fighting Hislam, was published in 2017. She also co-authored The Research Process with Emeritus Professor Gary Bouma of the School of Social Sciences in 2016.

Susan says she appreciates it when young women come up to her and say they enjoyed her book, and their interest reflects how her area of research has changed over the years.

“Feminism and sexism are much more part of the public conversation than they were a while ago. We are in the fourth wave of feminism, and that's very interesting from a scholarly point of view.”

Her drive and focus have led her to a number of impressive opportunities over the years, including speaking at the UN in Geneva.

“My curiosity means my mind is always on to the next thing and excited about that, as opposed to being retrospectively focussed.”

She says she’s impressed by the support and recognition that universities today offer to undergraduate research.

“I see universities and external partners really focussing on undergrads, including incredibly generous scholarships, which were never around when I was an undergrad, and I think that's great.”

She says the messages in her keynote speech will be a “surprise” for attendees, but shared what she feels are the values critical for making change.

“Resilience, determination, firm belief in your ability and the importance of the work, and a firm moral compass.”

Dr Susan Carland will speak at the International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR), 24 -25 September, Clayton campus, New Horizons building. 

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