If you travel to campus with at least one other passenger, you can access low-cost parking on campus using the Liftango and CellOPark apps.

Carpooling is a great way to care for the environment. By reducing the number of single occupancy vehicles coming to campus, we'll reduce greenhouse emissions and reduce parking congestion on campus.

Carpooling parking areas and payment

Carpoolers using the Liftango and CellOPark apps may park in any Blue permit area. On days you do not have a passenger you can still park in the Blue permit areas but will need to use the relevant Blue permit code and pay the relevant fee.

Carpooling using Liftango

  1. Download the Liftango app from App Store (on iPhone) or the Google Play Store (on Android).
  2. Create a profile in the Liftango app using your Monash email account.
  3. Follow the steps below to complete a trip as either a driver or passenger.

For more information on using Liftango and providing feedback please see Liftango FAQs.