Carpooling offers low-cost campus parking if you travel to campus with at least one other carpooler. It's also a great way to meet new people and care for the environment. By reducing the number of single occupancy vehicles coming to campus, we'll reduce greenhouse emissions and reduce parking congestion on campus.

For semester 2 2019 we are offering carpoolers a choice in how they car pool.

Using the Liftango app carpoolers can dynamically match and rideshare with other Monash staff and students and park for free on campus in the blue areas.

Liftango will be live for staff and students from 22 July 2019. There is no need to prebook for this app.

Using the existing carpool permit carpoolers will need to purchase a permit for $40 for semester 2. These will be available to purchase from Monday 24 June for existing permit holders and from Monday 15 July for new users.

Carpooling parking areas

Carpoolers using the Liftango app or the carpool permit system may park in the blue areas. If you do not have a carpool partner on a day you come to campus then you will need to park in a ticket area and pay the relevant fee.

Carpooling using Liftango

  1. Download the Liftango app from your app store.
  2. Create a profile in the Liftango app using your Monash email account.

How do I use Liftango as a driver?

  1. After creating your profile on Liftango you will need to download the PayByPhone app from your app store
  2. Create an account on PayByPhone using your Monash email and your vehicle details.
  3. When you are ready to drive, sign into Liftango and add in your ride
  4. You can accept a match that is suitable for you.
  5. The built-in navigation function will use Google Maps to guide you to the pickup location.
  6. Drive from at least a 2 kms radius to the campus with your passenger and park in any Blue permit area.
  7. Using the PayByPhone app, enter your vehicle registration. The Liftango app will have passed your carpooling details to PayByPhone automatically and your day's parking will be free. Each campus has a separate Paybyphone code. For Clayton 15530, Peninsula 15531 and Caulfield 15532.

How do I use Liftango as a passenger?

  1. Sign in to the Liftango app and create your lift
  2. You can accept a match that is suitable for you.
  3. When your ride arrives travel at least 2 kms to the campus and park in any blue permit area.

We want to make sure we get it right before releasing it as a replacement for the current carpool permits. For more information on this new system and how to provide feedback please click here.

Liftango user guide.

Carpooling using a carpool permit.

  1. Create a listing on Monash Rideshare to find regular or even irregular co-travellers. Through Monash rideshare you can search and match with people interested in carpooling near you.
  2. Purchase a carpool permit
  3. Drive to campus with at least one other person who has purchased a carpool permit. Please ensure you read and understand the program rules below:

Program rules:

  • Each car must enter the carpool area with at least two people who have purchased a carpool permit.
  • Carpoolers may park in blue areas on any campus.
  • You must display clearly at least two carpooling permits on your dashboard.

The driver and vehicle can change - just make sure you bring your carpooling permit.

Receiving your carpooling permit

Once you've paid for your carpool permit, you should receive it in the mail within ten working days. You cannot carpool with out a permit using this system.

If it has not arrived after ten working days then please head into Monash Connect on your campus with a Statutory Declaration for a reprint.