Testing a new way to scoot through campus

Lime scooter imageLime scooter image

From Wednesday 7 - Wednesday 14 November, we will be trialling electric scooters to explore another mode of sustainable transport on the Clayton campus.

Lime, the electronic scooter provider, will be holding a 'come and try' tent at the following locations:

  • Clayton transport interchange (7-11 November)
  • Lemon Scented Lawn (12-14 November)

Lime's "come and try' tents will provide students and staff the opportunity to test out the electronic scooters and provide their feedback. The trail will continue following these 'come and try' tents, with the scooters remaining available for use on campus until mid-December. The scooters will be located at central campus areas.


How do I ride a Lime Scooter?

Once a rider has downloaded the Lime app on their smartphone they are required to set up an account. The account requires them to provide a valid Monash email, a phone number and credit card details. Once an account is set up, they are ready to ride.

Lime App Steps

What does it cost?

Riders are charged a $1 unlocking fee then 30c per minute during the ride.

How can I know how to ride a Lime scooter safely?

The Lime app will specifically educate Monash users about critical information relevant to the use of scooters while on campus. This includes prompts in relation to the service zone limitations, highlight Australian helmet laws and expected riding behaviour. The app will show riders where they can and cannot park.

During the trial program riders who sign up will be supplied with a Lime helmet if they do not own a helmet.

How do I provide feedback?

Let us know what you think about the electric scooter trial by sending your feedback to bpd.trafficandparking@monash.edu