Information on problem behaviour for staff

Staff behaviour

Here at Monash, we expect our staff to conduct themselves with honesty, respect and fairness. We have high professional standards, and unacceptable behaviour in the workplace is not tolerated.

For more information about expected behaviour, ethical conduct and child safe standards, see our website on integrity and respect.

Managing students’ problem behaviour

It can often be challenging to manage students who are behaving inappropriately. But as a staff member, it’s essential you intervene early to ensure other students and staff are protected.

What to do

If you see, experience or hear about any unacceptable behaviour, make a report online to the Safer Community Unit – they’ll be able to give you advice and strategies to help.

If you think someone is in danger of being hurt, call:

  • Monash Security on 03 9905 3333 (for immediate help on campus)
  • 000 (for immediate help on or off campus).

You should also encourage students who have been affected by problem behaviour to contact the Safer Community Unit, and seek help and support.


You can contact the Safer Community Unit to arrange a customised training session on managing students’ problem behaviour.

If you’re a member of our academic staff, you can also recommend (or require) a student to complete the Acceptable Online Conduct module – it outlines behavioural requirements when learning online or using social media.

More help and advice