Parking and permits

If you're coming to a Monash campus by car or motorcycle, you'll find many clearly marked permit, metered, motorcycle, and disability spaces.

But with so many Monash students, staff and visitors, finding a space can be difficult at some campuses without a permit, and they can be hard to get if you don't get in early, especially at Caulfield.

To ease the pressure on limited spaces, consider your other options before applying for a permit, such as the Rideshare carpooling program, public transport, cycling or walking – you could save time and money, and help the environment.

Changes to parking at Clayton

Major construction works at Clayton campus have seen a number of changes to parking at the campus.

Getting your permit

You can buy or apply for a permit from our purchase parking permits page, which outlines your choices and explains where you can park, based on your permit colour.

Your choices are:

  • Blue – for students and staff (not available at Parkville, which is well served by public transport)
  • Cross campus – for students studying on more than one campus. You buy a blue permit first and exchange it for a cross-campus permit at Monash Connect
  • Red – for staff only
  • Yellow – for departmental use (paid from faculty or department budgets)
  • Green – for senior staff only
  • VIP Blue – for honorary and adjunct staff
  • Orange – for contractors and tenants, working or operating a business on campus

Update your existing details

If you already have a blue, red or green permit, make sure you update your vehicle details if they change.

Update your details


You don't need a permit, but must park in the spaces reserved for motorcyclists.

Disability permits

All our campuses have convenient parking spaces for people with a disability. You can apply for a disability permit through your local council and can use it across Victoria. VicRoads has more information.

Salary packaging

Staff can reduce the cost of a permit by paying for it through salary packaging.

Parking maps

Our maps page shows how to get to any Monash campus in the Melbourne area. You can also download campus maps, showing all parking areas.

Remember to read the signs, and park in the right spot to avoid a fine.

Security and traffic offices

Security and traffic offices don't handle applications for blue, cross-campus, red or green parking permits – you can buy them online from the purchase parking permits page.

Security and traffic offices only handle:

  • VIP Blue and orange permit applications – download the appropriate form from the purchase parking permits and take it to your campus security and traffic office
  • Yellow permits – bought online for staff from faculty / department budgets, picked up at Buildings & Property  Division, 30 Research Way, Clayton
  • Permit pouches – clear-plastic covers to protect your permit if you switch it between cars
  • Security or other parking issues – reports of theft, damage or personal security concerns

In an emergency, dial 333 from any Monash phone or 9905 3333 from any campus. If you have a general security concern, dial 53059 from a Monash phone or 9905 3059 from other phones. You can call these numbers anytime.

Otherwise, contact your campus security and traffic office directly.

Parking fines

Read the sign - avoid the fine

All our campuses are subject to Victorian traffic laws (Road Safety Act and Victorian Road Rules), so please obey the road rules and signs. To avoid a parking fine:

  • obey the signs where you park
  • check the time limits on metered spaces
  • display your parking ticket or permit clearly
  • only park in a permit zone that matches your permit type
  • only park motorcycles in motorcycle zones
  • don't park in spaces for the disabled without a disability permit
  • don't copy, modify or falsify a parking ticket or permit
  • don’t park in loading zones unless you are entitled to do so, and then only for the prescribed period of time
  • if you drive to campus in different vehicles, put your permit in a clear plastic cover for switching between vehicles – you can get permit pouches from your campus parking office.

Paying a parking fine

If you get a fine, you can't pay it on campus. Follow the instructions on the back of the parking ticket or pay by one of the below options:

  • Online by selecting ‘Monash University’ and following the prompts.
  • Over the phone with Visa or Mastercard by calling 1300 728 840.
  • By mail, with a cheque or money order payable to Monash University and posted to GPO Box 425 Melbourne, 3001.

If you have lost your parking ticket, you will need to call 03 9200 8206 or email and quote your car’s registration number.