masterplan clayton campus
Artist vision for Clayton campus, MGS Architects .

What is the Masterplan?

To make sure we’re always growing, developing and pushing ourselves to go further, we’ve developed the Monash Masterplan. This is our blueprint for the future of Monash campuses - for our students, our staff members, and on a larger scale, for our planet.

Like cities and towns, our campuses need to be planned. The Monash Masterplan provides a vision and framework for the physical development of each campus over the next twenty years. It outlines how we’ll be improving our education facilities, offering students better services and more transport options, creating higher quality green spaces, and improving the sustainability and adaptability of our campuses.

What it means for you

Monash has an opportunity to offer students and researchers unique learning experiences. We have room for state-of-the-art facilities, for open spaces – and we have room to keep growing.

But we need to plan that growth to create inspiring spaces where our students have the support they need to reach their full potential – and are excited to do it. For us, the Monash Masterplan is just another way to invest in our people, by giving them what they need to prosper today, and twenty years from now.

You can read more about the Masterplan in our frequently asked questions, and find out how we’re putting it all into action in our featured projects.

Our partnerships and community

To make Monash the strongest university it can be, we’re forging partnerships with businesses, researchers and communities. We know that together, we can build more sustainable campuses that work with the communities they’re part of - all while ensuring our programs stay relevant in the workplace, and our students are exposed to a variety of sponsored research projects.


Sustainability plays a huge role in our Masterplan. Each of our campus development strategies has a specific sustainability outcome, making it an integral part of every project from the very beginning.

But our commitment to sustainability extends much further than that. As a global issue, it demands a global perspective. That’s why we’re dedicated to becoming a world leader in sustainability through education, research, and most importantly through decisive action.

Featured projects

Driven by Masterplan principles, our campuses are continually evolving. Find out more about our featured projects.

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