Visitor parking

All of our campuses have metered parking areas for visitors where you pay casual rates for the time you park.

There are two ways to pay for your parking, either pay-by-app or at a parking meter.

Please check our campus maps for the locations of designated metered parking areas. These are indicated in a pink colour.


The easiest way to pay for parking is to use the CellOPark app. You are in control to start and stop your parking sessions, so you only need to pay for the time you park.

If you don't have a smartphone, you can also visit the website or register by phone.

Pay at a parking meter

As an alternative to using CellOPark, you can pay for parking at a meter located in one of the car parks.

Our parking meters are cashless and accept credit, debit or pre-paid Visa card only.

The meters record your vehicle registration number, so you do not need to display a ticket on your dashboard.

Visitor parking prices

Prices effective 22 February 2021.