Monash leads Australia with over $12M in medical research funding

More than $12M has been awarded to 23 Monash Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences research projects in Discovery Projects funding - the most for any Australian university - from the Australian Research Council (ARC).

The Honourable Dan Tehan, Federal Minister for Education, made the announcement on Friday.

The Discovery Projects scheme aims to grow knowledge and research capacity in Australia, supporting research that will provide economic, commercial, environmental and social benefits. The Linkage Program promotes national and international research partnerships between researchers and business, industry, community organisations and other publicly funded research agencies.

Discovery Projects funded across Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences include:

Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute




Prof Graham Lieschke


The macrophage nucleus - its form and function during migration in vivo

Dr Jan Kaslin


Shaping the vertebrate brain: defining the cellular and genetic drivers

Biomedicine Discovery Institute

Prof Marcello Rosa


Building a visual world: how brain circuits create and use representations

Prof Trevor Lithgow


An investigation into flagellotropic bacteriophage stability and biology

A/Prof Max Cryle

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Understanding peptide bond formation in non-ribosomal peptide biosynthesis

A/Prof Joseph Rosenbluh

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Identification of Biological pathways regulated by circular RNAs

Dr Nicholas Price


How the brain generates robust behaviour in noisy sensory environments

A/Prof Anna Roujeinikova


Structural and functional studies of Helicobacter pylori flagellar motor

Dr Lan Nguyen

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Defining the molecular switches that govern discrete cellular fates

A/Prof Meredith O'Keeffe

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Deciphering novel cross-talk between innate cytokine receptors

Dr Jerome Le Nours

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Investigating gamma/delta T cell receptor recognition determinants

Prof Dena Lyras


Mechanism of secretion of large clostridial toxins

A/Prof Fasseli Coulibaly

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Viral allies: shedding light on beneficial insect viruses.

A/Prof John Boyce


Role of Pasteurella surface polysaccharides in pathogenesis and immunity

Prof Marcello Rosa


Decoding neuronal populations for visually-guided decision and action

Prof Jose Polo

Anatomy & Developmental Biology

How do transcription factors control cell fate transitions?

Central Clinical School

Prof Nicola Harris

Immunology Alfred Hospital

Targeted drug discovery against blood-feeding parasite nematodes of animals

School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health

A/Prof Patrick Western

Hudson Institute - Centre for Reproductive Health

Epigenetic regulation of genomic stability and inheritance

Prof Richard Ferrero

Hudson Institute - Department of Molecular and Translational Science

Bacterial vesicles transport their bioactive cargo to the host nucleus

School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Dr Jessica Kasza

Research Methodology

Increasing the efficiency and interpretability of stepped wedge trials

A/Prof Yuming Guo

Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences

Multi-Country Study on Health Effects of Bushfire Air Pollution

Dr Ben Beck

Critical Care Research

Sustainable mobility: city-wide exposure modelling to advance bicycling

Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health

Dr Andrew Phillips


Individualised predictions of circadian timing, sleep, and performance

Nine Monash University Faculties received funding, amounting to more than $35.6M.  Read a short overview here.

See the full list of funded projects on the ARC website.